This is the snoring resource to help you stop snoring and remedy your sleep disorders the natural way.



If these disorders are causing you to be restless and suffer from lack of sleep, here follows proven, tested means to confront your snoring problem and to help you get on with a healthier, sound lifestyle. I hope the content in this site will bring you relief from snoring, an affliction that affects over 80% of the world's population. So don't feel alone.


There are remedies for snoring, but generally you are not aware that you snore. So unless another person is suffering so much from your snoring, you do not do anything to remove the problem. 

That person is usually your partner or a family member who is reluctant to tell you how much they hate your problem, but will beat on you in the middle of the night.


There are consequences to your snoring. Loss of sleep, improper breathing rythems,restless days, and bad moods for you as well as your sleeping partner.On an average day, on TWITTER,there are almost 35 people per hour negatively commenting about the snoring of those around them.


So you are not alone on your snoring misery.Read on for help.

A word of caution: Sleep Apnea is a health issue that needs professional care and professional treatment. With the exception of a specially designed CPAP pillow as well as selected accessories merchandised on this site, and designed to give exceptional comfort to the user, Sleep Apnea is not addressed.                      
My partner finally confessed one morning recently, that she was tired of hearing me snore like the big, bad bear on the left(above). We share a comfy-cozy California King bed, and I awoke that morning to find her in the living room, sprawled out on the sofa looking like she had not slept for three days!

She confessed after all these months that she could not sleep with a noisy ferocious bear in that bed. Of course, I wanted her back, so I made up my mind right there to learn more about snoring, and then to find a remedy, and get her back …..all nice and cuddly!

Hello!  I am Al Eastman and since that life-changing incident, I have been doing research, reading, and testing for months now to help me find remedies for my snoring, which thankfully is now under control. I am not a medical expert, but I wanted to pass along in one document, information that may be of help to you in solving your snoring problem, whether it’s you, your partner,or maybe a close friend. I wanted this site to be The AUTHORITY on snoring remedies!

Stories have been told about guests snoring in their rooms who have been asked to leave hotels in the middle of the night because they have disturbed guests in an adjoining room and kept them awake. 
After all, don’t you miss your partner who is snoring/sleeping in the next room, while your comfy-cozy bed is so empty?         
 Most websites that have SNORING as a subject matter concentrate on one or two items, such as a chin supporter or a mouthpiece, and fewer have articles relating to the subject matter as well as detailing various options to good health.  I performed research on all major remedies (and some obscure ones as well) in order to give you who suffer, options toward finding a cure for YOU. I determined that there is no one solution that cures snoring.
Many of the products will sooth the snoring, and in a majority of cases, the patient needs to try several solutions until  the best one is found.
I am not a physician and have no medical experience. As one who used to suffer (and my partner as well), I felt an honest need to present an unbiased offering of product and technique that could in all probability help you control your snoring. I wanted to help you just as others gave me aid and comfort.
If snoring continues to be of concern, I strongly recommend your contacting your personal doctor to get a professional opinion of your situation.
Here's wishing you GOOD HEALTH!     
I wanted to share with you some articles written by experts at the Mayo Clinic, articles in several e-zines, magazine articles (see CPAP pillow) and Consumer Reports, so you could make up your own mind about which remedies will work for you. Think of remedies for snoring and compare them  to just like taking aspirin for a cold. You need to try several different remedies until you find the one(s) that work best for you. In many cases, a combination of remedies seemed to work the best,for example, a mouthpiece created by a Dentist, and a chin strap.
You need to know about the many remedies that are available, and especially the ones that work. I have listed a few of the most popular here on this site, along with the reasons WHY they work. But everyone’s body is different, so remember that each person may achieve success using different means.