Twist Pillow

I have been travelling for years in my job as a Sales Manager, and by the end of the day my head and neck get weary, tired, and sore! Resting those body parts on the Twist Pillow make everything cozy comfy again.

When I travel by car and am not driving, I used to take a pillow from home and put it behind my neck.


About a month ago, I found the Contour TWIST Pillow that has made all my aches and pains related to travel go far away. This is the absolute perfect neck cushion on an airplane and the car. It’s great in bed behind your neck for reading.

And considering the price, it will make a great gift for Grandma, or Sister Suzie for her neck as she reads her homework assignment.

I know from personal experience, it will be difficult to stay awake when you read and have the Twist Pillow behind you.