"No More Snoring! Hello Sex" - A Review


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The March 2012 edition of the AARP Magazine featured an article by Hamilton Nolan on the benefits which accrued to a couple sex life when sleep disorders such as snoring were brought under control. The article deals with the reality of bulky CPAP equipment and intimacy.

I found it remarkable for a magazine with demographics that appeal to the over 55 year olds, addressing sex on the same cover with Sharon Stone.

It just proves that snoring is a integral part of most people’s everyday lives and often in subtle ways.

When CPAP equipment interferes with intimacy and as the article notes, “gets bulky and messy”, there is no other choice but to abstain or set the gear aside. Tough options for a Senior! But the point is that remedies for snoring are being suggested. In the health and wellness area, attention is focusing on remedies for that sleep disorder.

Why there are even remedies for dogs who snore!

Weight loss is one of the most natural methods, especially when coupled with an exercise plan, which will cure a snoring problem. Cooperation and support amongst partners makes any of the remedies easier.   
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