Anti-Snore Pillow


A great deal has been written about snoring and the remedies that have been tried through the ages. Some just make common sense and most others stretch the imagination. I was driven to this point reading about the tennis ball trick of using the ball glued to your back in order to prevent sleeping on one’s back.

Now, that’s laughable! But it’s a free idea, so many try it. It may work for an hour!

Snoring occurs when air passes through your throat and/or nasal passages. It is when the air does not flow properly that the snoring happens. Proper body position is one sure way to get the air flowing properly through those nasal and throat passages. You must get in a comfortable position for sleep on your side or stomach, but not on your back, and stay there. That is one of the many keys to help alleviate snoring and get you well-earned rest.

You must position your head and neck correctly for improved airway alignment. The Contour Anti-snore pillow has a unique anti-snore air chamber built into the pillow which positions your head and neck to prevent snoring. The amount of air you use to fill the chamber is regulated by an easy to use air valve. While your head is resting on the pillow, just put your lips to the valve tube and blow to fill the air chamber with a comfortable amount of air.

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Benefits of the Contour Anti-Snore Pillow are:
ü  A curved pillow shape provides neck support
ü  Natural latex foam regulates moisture and warmth    and is soft,comfortable,and supportive
ü  The unique design allows for side sleeping as well
ü  A quilted, soft cotton queen-sized cover provides additional comfort and luxury
ü  The Anti-Snore Pillow is backed by a FIVE YEAR warranty from the manufacturer

If you are tired of tossing and turning, trying to settle in and get comfortable, all the while knowing you need to NOT sleep on your back, then this is the pillow for you!  
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Sleep warm, and sleep comfortably!