Well I was! I tried Nutrisystem for a 30 day trial, lost a few pounds, but did not care for the freeze dried foods which were offered. Soups, snacks, and few entrees were good, but that was it. I sent the balance of foodstuffs back. 

 I love to cook. I have taught cooking classes for 20 years, had fun, and developed more weight than I needed to carry around. 

And then, lo and behold, I began to snore. Check out my website and the story when my girlfriend moved to another room when the sounds got too much! So right now I found I am over weight, even obese! 

There is a test I took, a FREE one( See the diet analysis below) that raised my awareness of my problem.

   We'll Cook the Food, You'll Lose the Weight!

 I checked out the diettogo site where weekly delivery of fresh food is the norm (even veggies and fresh fruits in many areas), and my mouth was watering! But what really got my attention was the FREE Diet Analysis which gave me a planned direction for my dieting and a choice of meal plans. I received a written body profile which gave me choices on the time frame to make my stated goals based on the choices I made.
Free Diet Analysis Form

Kindly fill in this no obligation form and receive your information in minutes. Now I’m not a nutritionist, but if you are overweight, chances are you also snore. When you lose 10 % or more of your body fat, of course you will feel better, BUT chances are your snoring will lessen with the weight you continue to loose! Calories are still an excellent means to measure your intake. 

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, follow Diet-to-Go's simple success formula. Let someone else prepare your meals; make sure the meals are low in fat and calories; and make sure the food is delicious and filling.

Never forget the quality of what you eat is important, and a workout program like “Burn Fat” when coupled with a daily meal plan, will bring you the desired result. Just look at the meal offerings: • Low fat meal plan • Vegetarian meal plan • Low carb meal plan The daily meal plan photos make me want to clean out my refrigerator right now and get started! Note the menu changes every Monday and every month. CLICK HERE TO GET DETAILS!