Homeopathic Remedies For Snoring Pets


As you retire for the evening, and you crawl into your cozy bed and pull up the covers, you hear your dog snoring. It is  not only frustrating, but probably keeps you awake as well.

There are two main causes for snoring in dogs, just like in humans: obesity and restricted air flow through nasal passages, with dog dander in some cases, causing allergic reactions.

But here is the good news, just like in humans, there are remedies for dogs who snore. By the way, dog remedies also work for cats!

Please note that dog dander could also be a cause for developing your own snoring problems through an allergic reaction. Most experts suggest that  your dog sleep in another room than your bedroom.

Here are the major causes of your pet snoring:
  • Your dog may need to go on a diet! Like humans, fat brings excess tissue in the throat which partially blocks airways.
  • Smoke is as bad for you as your pet! 2nd hand smoke is the culprit. This bad habit affects your pet 24 hours a day.
  • Allergies to weeds, trees, dust cause a reaction in the throat producing mucous that blocks the nasal passages creating heaving breathing and snoring.
  • Certain dog breeds have narrow nasal passages causing breathing problems. Bulldogs, pugs,boxers,Pekingese, Shar-Pei,and Shitzu are the prime victims of  snoring
Much like their human pals, dogs can be cured of snoring! Here follows some of the most successful choices:

A difficult. expensive cure, especially for the pets listed above
 with facial structure causing narrow nasal passages and a  depressed windpipe, involves surgery. Have your vet examine your animal. Most surgeries of this kind are performed on young dogs. 

If you were overweight, you could change your diet, eating healthy foods and a smaller portion at that, and get into an exercise routine. So it goes for your pet: diet and exercise. Once your dog regains his proper weight, the snoring should stop.

Change sleeping arrangements for your pet by providing a round or oval sleeping bed that will not allow your pet to sleep on his back and stretch out. Again like humans, sleeping on his side or stomach helps. A pillow is also suggested.

Cleanliness is often over looked and in this case has a dual benefit, as you, the owner may be allergic to pet dander and not know it! Washing your dog with pet shampoo at least once a week may prevent further reactions if your dog has allergies. Clean the bedding often, dust your home, vacuum your rugs and carpets. All this will help you both! And of course, stop smoking, at the very least, indoors.

Another cure for snoring dogs is an over the counter   natural  (homeopathic) product called SnoreStop. It is available in quick dissolving tablets or a fast acting oral spray.

SnoreStop needs no prescription and is free from any sedative or stimulating effects. It shrinks swollen soft tissues in the back of the animal’s throat, dries out the mucous blocking sinus cavities, and clears up breathing passages.

Should you choose to try these cures, you and your pet  soon  will be sleeping through the night. I know that a cold nose on your cheek will be all the thanks you really need!

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